So the Story Goes…

Typically the story goes boy meets girl…. girl meets fantastic time traveling doctor… this is a different story.

Once upon a time there was a bird feeder. Upon finding the feeder many birds were pleased and were content to return. The food was refilled frequently, the squirrels chased away, the feral cats didn’t hunt them. This was a good place.

Then migration began and there were more birds. The food was still good. The squirrels and cats still stayed away.

But one day the sky darkened and in swooped a new bird. This bird was not content to eat seeds. This bird was an eater of birds. A bird of prey. So in swooped the Sharp-shinned Hawk and made off with the Red-winged Blackbird. In this story there is no rescue. No pompous cardinal to pontificate at the Hawk, no questionable murder of crows to resort to trickery, just a snatch and grab with a few feathers left behind to tell the tale. Well feathers and a video!

MVI_3925 a video by birdworthy on Flickr.

S’No Way!

I have really bad luck when it comes to traveling for spring break (or when it comes to finding pink churches in Spanish-speaking countries).  When I went to the Great Smoky Mountains, it snowed.  When I went to the Grand Canyon, it snowed.  So if you want snow, invite me to visit during spring break.

Then, I gave up traveling for spring break.  It stopped snowing.  This year, I hope to get in a few day trips during my furlough.  But it snowed this year, suggesting maybe it’s my outdoor/birding attempts that bring out spring snows.   Which means, I have been cooped up with no birding for a week now due to prepping for midterms and presentations!  Wanted break my birding fast with an afternoon outing either Thursday or Friday afternoon, but snow has postponed those plans.   Was also supposed to go with Dad to Wild Birds Unlimited so we can do some grandiose landscape to attract more birds each season.  Snow has also postponed those plans.  Mind you, I was going stir crazy last weekend without an outing.  Prognosis is not so good!

So hopefully birding next week, fit in around my work-schedule.  No sunrise birding unless it’s Wednesday.  But I might have time to checkout Sandy Hook or the Meadowlands.  I’ve heard lots of good things about birding in the Meadowlands, particularly Disposal Road.  But visiting the Meadowlands is more convenient  as I drive through there frequently, so perhaps I should head out to Sandy Hook on the ocean.  I birded there once, three years ago.

Immature Red-winged Blackbird investigates the feeder in hopes of food.

Immature Red-winged Blackbird investigates the feeder in hopes of food.

Field season in Warren county for American Kestrels kicks off Tuesday, Sussex date hasn’t yet been finalized. It should be before the month is out.

Haven’t seen the Wood Duck again, but I did have a Red-winged Blackbird checking out the feeder the other day.  I’m assuming it’s immature because it has the epaulets, but it’s back isn’t fully black.  (You can see a hint of red.)  When I found him, he was actually up on the feeder.