Is that one word or two?  Ah well, today I wish to draw your attention to two uses of the term, “touchdown”.

The first use, I believe (I don’t actually follow sports) is to indicate achieving some sort of numeric reward.  While updating my bird lists, I happened to note that I reached 200 birds for NJ.

196. American Avocet
197. Black Skimmer
198. Great Horned Owl
199. Blue-Headed Vireo
200. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

The second use is much less celebratory.   On October 7, a tornado touched down in New Jersey.  The path of the tornado took it through what is, as far as I am aware, New Jersey’s only large scale bird/raptor rehabilitation center.  None of the birds were injured, but the damage was more severe than either of the last two hurricanes to strike the region.

They are seeking donations to help with repairs to get their birds returned to their aviaries and out of temporary housing as quickly as possible.  They’re a great center and resource for birders and birds alike.

For more information, you can visit their facebook page or their website.