Galapagos Journals

I. Natural and Unnatural History: Journals of Ecuadorian Ecology and Evolution

  1. I: Geology
  2. II: Climate
  3. III: Human Impact
  4. IV: Evolution by Natural Selection
  5. V: Founder’s Effect
  6. VI: Adaptive Radiation
  7. VII: Darwin’s Finches Today
  8. VIII: Charles Darwin Research Station
  9. IX: Tiputini Research Station (Amazon)

II. Galapagos In the Moment (updates from the field)

  1. Creating a List, Packing my Bags
  2. Sea Lion, Basking
  3. Birding Trifecta Achieved
  4. Life’s Best Moments
  5. Darwin’s Note
  6. Last Morning

III. Post Field Miscellenia

  1. WOD2014: Penguins and Cormorants

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