Same Old Goals

So, somehow, getting out to bird and blogging about birds has not happened as much as I  would have hoped  for 2015 (but I think all birders feel that way!) So here’s to more birds on 2016! The resolve of birders worldwide.

For the last two  years, I resolved that I would…

  • Continue working on warbler identification (this one for 3 years!).
  • Work on identification by song.
  • Learning more about my camera and how to take better photos. (from Prairie Birder)
  • Submit at least 1 paper for publication.

Reviewing the resolutions:

  • Warbler Identification: Still a work in progress, but isn’t it always?  Did some birding in the spring, but most of experience I gained through  the Bander’s Workshop I participated in at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.
  • Birding by Ear: Spent the entire summer birding by ear as ~97% of all bird detection is done by ear in the tropics!
  • Camera: Fail. As you may recall, my lens broke upon arrival in Honduras.  I’ve just now replaced it and tested the new lens out.  Blog entry forthcoming (photos are edited, write up still needed).
  • Publishing: Working towards.
    • Kestrels: Are collaborating with other kestrel researchers throughout North America. Have submitted my components so publication timeline is beyond my control.
    • Migration: Need to send out our initial results to a recent ornithologist who visited campus and is interested in the results and will hopefully give us some new insights. In the meantime, I need to revisit some of the code and run it with  a larger subset of the data.
    • Rapid Bio-Assessment: Doing some analysis of species area curves for cloud forests assemblies.  Still working on coding and analysis. Much further behind on that then I want to be, but that’s what the break is for, right?

New bird resolutions for 2016:

  • Bird/blog more consistently. I live too close to a good patch not to do it more. One visit per month to my patch (unless extended travel comes up).  And one write up, even if it’s very brief or just photos per month.
  • Read one book on birds. This is probably my biggest shame. I read all the time, but when my life is overwhelmed by work, all I can stand to read in my limited spare time is light fiction. I surpassed my reading goal last year, so this year I will merge the two and try to finish one non-fiction bird book. I started Bird Sense over a year ago, I should finish it.  Last year with the best of intentions I acquired a number of other books as well.  I mostly read Lost Animals (previously mentioned here as inspiration for  an  older post.), and also have The Ghost With Trembling Wings and the Bedside Book of Birds. So, options.
  • Continue working on warbler identification.
  • Work on identification by song.
  • Learning more about my camera and how to take better photos. (from Prairie Birder)
  • Submit at least 1 paper for publication.

Male and female Buffleheads recorded during Lower Hudson Christmas Bird Count. Liberty State Park, NJ. Photo taken on December 20, 2015.

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