Bird Work at Base Camp and Buenos Aires

Field Report #4
Location: Buenos Aires

June 18 – Day 13 – Did first point count on my own. Well, with two of the three new birders and four uni students. Went really well. Positive feedback all around and I could identify most birds.

June 19-21 – Did demo banding near camp while Kate conducted the point counts. Owled at night.

June 23 – Day 18 – Departed Base Camp for the first time since arrival. Headed to Buenos Aires (closest town) to work there for the week.

June 24 – Day 19 – Walked around town looking for a place to do mist-netting. Very limited options. Town is very steep.

June 27-29 – Days 22-24 – Power is out for the entire town due to a blown transformer. Radios are running off a car battery. Limited availability to do work outside of town.

June 29 – Day 24 – Very productive day. Attempted to find a missed subsite for a transect (fail), but we made it work. Realized our earlier discovered mystery bird nest had nestlings. Birded around town with Chip. Spent the afternoon observing the nest of the Bright-rumped Antilla. Photos once my camera isn’t packed away. Did more investigations. Found two more probable sites for nocturnal surveying, but a severe thunderstorm prevented that from happening.

June 30 – Day 25 – Finished our work in BA this morning with a final point count along Transect 1. Then pitched in with Habitat surveying. Stopped around 11 at an amazing lilac tree. We ended up sending Habitat and the guide back when they got bored at staring at all the hummingbirds. We opted for hummingbirds over lunch, but recognized not everyone would share our stance. We got 11 identifiable species of hummingbird and one more we need to work out the identification for. All in one tree.

July 1 – Day 26 – Data entry in the morning, then heading off to satellite camp, Guanales, today after lunch. Apparently there are lekking Red-capped Manakins there!

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