When normal people arrive back from 3 weeks of travel, they typically take off for a conference the next day, right? I’m not sure at which point in my travels I gestured to myself and proclaimed “Loco!” but it was sometime after nearly admitting myself into emergency medical services, standing atop a 10-m rock, and climbing 45m into a rainforest canopy.  But Loco certainly fits.  I arrived back in the states on Wednesday evening, made it back to my apartment by 2am Thursday. (The airline managed to misplace the baggage from three arriving South American flights.)  Thursday I spent recovering, and Friday I jetted off to the ANJEE (Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education) conference.

In between I’ve been following everyone’s photo uploads to facebook and processing my own photos.  I’m still on day 1.  I’ve downloaded a trial of Lightroom to play around with based on a recommendation. (Anyone else use Lightroom or have alternative recommendations for photo processing for novices?)

As I’ve recuperated, I’ve been processing what it’s like being home and this is the current list of things I am grateful for (the list is pretty spotty):

  1. Being able to drink water from the bathroom.
  2. Being able to choose what foods I eat.
  3. Downtime.

I captured 4000 photos and videos of my travels with the greater emphasis on birds (obviously).  I’ve spent considerable time processing how I want to share these and haven’t reached any decision yet.  But for now here’s a taste from my first day:

Frigatebird soars over Playa Mann.

Frigatebirds soar over Playa Mann, San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador. Taken January 4th, 2014.

Also, I saw *lots* of birds, but I don’t have the official count yet.

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