Last Morning

I awake to rain falling. It’s still dark;the sun is not yet here. The night is otherwise silent, but soon the day will be here. I listen to the rain fall on the roof and fall on the tile.the sounds are different. I can’t hear the sounds of rain on leaves because there is so little foliage in Puerto Ayora. Gradually, the rains cease. It’s not Camelot where it rains only at night, nor is it the garua, the welcoming driving rains of the wet season. When the garua comes, the rains fall so determinedly that the drops drive down deep into the ground to be pulled up again to the surface over months. As the rains stop, I hear a finch sing. Probably a small ground finch- they are everywhere, common like house sparrows. The singing doesn’t last for long. It’s not the garua, it’s not the mating season. Not yet, but soon. Hopefully.

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