Birding by Bike

As summer winds down and migration starts up, the birding has been low-key.  Early excursions into work yield about 20 different species each trip with minor variation.  Still, we faithfully arrive around 7 once to twice a week, just to verify the birding is less than exciting.

One of the nicest things about living in this region is that it’s fairly flat and pretty good for cycling. On weekends we easily get dozens to hundreds of cyclists riding past.   Many nights after work, I’ll pull out the bike and do a nine mile course along a creek, through a marsh, out into a river, past backyards, and a few forested patches.  The 9 miles is beginning to feel easier on the thighs.  If I focus on birds, I feel the ache a little less.  I entertain myself and my mother who frequently rides with me by identifying the birds scolding us and flittering across the path. Yesterday this course yielded a Wild Turkey.  Today was even more exciting!

The omen of good birding was granted by a Great Egret within the first half mile.  I spotted a Bald Eagle flying away into the distance as I cycled through one of the inner regional marshes, and in the riverine marsh I spotted 8 Least Sandpipers scrounging around in the mud.  Thank goodness for yellow legs, but not yellowlegs!   New for the state list and the year list, woo!

There’s talk of the Biggest Birding Expedition of the Season down to Brigatine for Saturday.  We’ll see if it actually happens.  It was supposed to be last Saturday, but that fell through.

In other good news, I finally found my camera charger and recharged the camera batteries,so hopefully there’ll be more photos soon!