Entering the Lost Brook Preserve.

Entering the Lost Brook Preserve… Feels more like a lost world.

Now that the thesis is over, I’ve been making up for my lack of birding!  After work on Tuesday, I decided to do some birding on site. (Seems silly to go elsewhere when one works at at nature center known for its warblers!) I did about 90 minutes, seeing new trails and picking up 1 new species for the year, the Gray Catbird.  However, I was most excited about identifying the Brown Thrasher by call.

Thrasher sings at the top of the tree.

Thrasher sings at the top of the tree.  Merry, merry king of the bushes, he!  Digiscoped with the binoculars… Can one still say scoped if one uses binoculars?

We had encountered the Brown Thrasher twice at Garrett Mountain.  On the first visit, we didn’t get a visual, but we were luckier on the second.  The second visit also gave me the clue to look at the very top of the trees to locate him.   On both visits, he sounded like a hyperactive mockingbird which shorter snippets in the repertoire.

I had about 21 birds identified.  One unidentified wren; along with a few songs I didn’t know – so not so bad!

4 thoughts on “Victorious!

    • Thank you very much! I knew there was a word for it! Digibinocing just does not have the right ring to it. I like the spotlight effect, too even though it clearly shows my novice status.

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