Full Moon Hike

There are days when when I definitely have the best job in the world.  (TM)  Stayed on campus, working on thesis revisions until 2am on Wednesday before driving home.  Revised the entire thesis in about 8 hours.  Which is ridiculous at some level.  Which probably explains why I am now sick.  It started off as a sore throat, became an annoying cough, and today is a very hoarse voice and truth be told, a painful cough.  But I am still going to work because I am the only one in this morning and because there is something very bird related I need to do!

Yesterday, I went on an amazing bird-related adventure for work, which I will relate later.  In the evening, I led a 2-hour full moon hike.  Not much of a hike as the group wanted to stand and watch the things we saw.  I forget that people don’t realize how amazing all the wildlife and ecosystems around us really are – I see it all the time, and teach it all the time, so even when I’m not there I know, but most people don’t.  We saw a Wild Turkey running down a trail, watched the Red Wing Blackbirds setting up their territories, the Canada Geese come home for the night, a Great Blue Heron finding its final meal of the day, bats come out to scatter around the sky searching for insects, we heard bull frogs, spring peepers and one other species of frog wake up, spooked a deer and one other thing we couldn’t identify.  The bats swooped across the night sky and dipped into the pond creating ripples along the flat surface.  We watched the sun set and the moon rise.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Hike

  1. Nice! I love days like that. Yesterday afternoon for work I trekked into the wilderness area north of our campus with some of my teenage students and we hung out by a lake while they worked on an assignment for one of their classes. We found wolf tracks and stopped to look at pitcher plants in the bog… pretty good way to spend an afternoon.

    • That sounds like an excellent way to spend an afternoon! Wolf tracks would be a pretty big deal here!

      Today I’ll be introducing kindergarteners to a snake and a turtle before taking them on a seasonal walk. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to work in the aviary a bit.

    • Thanks, Mia; slowly getting there. Just left with a horrible, wracking cough after exertion. Hopefully that will be gone by defense day.

      I absolutely agree. My suspicion is that most of us have the ability to see when we are very young and as we age we lose it.

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