Birds and Butterflies: Thesis Progress

Still need a title for my thesis.  Mentally, I keep calling it “In Defense of Kestrels” and “Plight of the Kestrel” by they don’t quite have the professional ring I’m looking for.

Submitted first draft of thesis Saturday evening.  Had feedback on Sunday morning while I was doing turtle fieldwork that the first draft was very impressive.  Yay!  Met with my adviser this afternoon to discuss revisions.  These mostly fell into the minor edits and formatting types.   Those are due 48 hours from now.

As of 20 minutes ago, I had confirmation from all members of my committee regarding my defense date.  It looks like I will be defending on May 6th at 1pm.  Exciting!

Well it’s exciting right now.  I’m sure as the hour approaches, there will be butterflies, but butterflies are exciting, right?

Now, I have two weeks to pull together a defense. My adviser is putting together a copy of his archives of kestrel photos – hopefully they’re the photographer’s.  He has a photographer who likes to join him in the field for a day every season and take photos.  If anyone else has kestrel photos they want to share, I’d love to see them.

Best part about my defense date?  It’s the same day my 2 papers are due for evolution and I have my last evolution exam.

Kestrelets!  Or very ugly ducklings.

Kestrelets! Or very ugly ducklings.

5 thoughts on “Birds and Butterflies: Thesis Progress

  1. Good luck and hang in there worthy birder. Soon with you have bone fide papers as a birding force with which North America must seriously reckon! Like a Show Birder with papers, you’ll win all kinds of contests now.
    All the best for you and your defense of “Sparrowhawk Down: The Loss of America’s Kestrel”

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