So the Story Goes…

Typically the story goes boy meets girl…. girl meets fantastic time traveling doctor… this is a different story.

Once upon a time there was a bird feeder. Upon finding the feeder many birds were pleased and were content to return. The food was refilled frequently, the squirrels chased away, the feral cats didn’t hunt them. This was a good place.

Then migration began and there were more birds. The food was still good. The squirrels and cats still stayed away.

But one day the sky darkened and in swooped a new bird. This bird was not content to eat seeds. This bird was an eater of birds. A bird of prey. So in swooped the Sharp-shinned Hawk and made off with the Red-winged Blackbird. In this story there is no rescue. No pompous cardinal to pontificate at the Hawk, no questionable murder of crows to resort to trickery, just a snatch and grab with a few feathers left behind to tell the tale. Well feathers and a video!

MVI_3925 a video by birdworthy on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “So the Story Goes…

  1. hehe…awesome.

    There are few things as satisfying or fulfilling as seeing raptors, one of the premier examples of beauty enwrapped in form and function, doing raptor stuff.

    Good thing you caught it on video; now the RWBB’s family can press charges, but good luck to them finding a prosecutor who’s willing to take on the accipiter gang.

  2. Mind you, I’m not sure the camera was even in the room when I first realized what was happening. I thought it was a mourning dove at first. My mother – one of the voices featured in the video – was standing at the window commenting on the feeder birds, and how she had identified mourning doves there. I looked up, thought it was a mourning dove, did a double take and booked it for the camera.

    Funny how the RWBBs and the Grackles didnt’t stick around to file their reports. The yard was probably safer for a bit.

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