Small World

I generally work on Sundays at the nature center.  I currently do the maple sugaring programs, lead guided nature walks and interact with the public.  This Sunday was no different from any other.  Or so I thought… (as if that needed saying since I’m writing about it!)

While I was bustling about, the door opened and in walked my future colleague who will be joining us for the summer programs we operate.  He and his current co-worker were spending sometime birding because both happen to be birders.  They started the day walking along the Pier which is a local hot spot.  The local Audubon frequently leads walks there and you’re generally guaranteed something – somedays it’s as awesome as an Iceland Gull or a seal. As we were discussing where they had birded, it turns out they had birded at one my patches – the pond across the street from my folk’s place.  And they even saw my Dad grabbing the Sunday paper.  Even cooler than that, they saw a Wood duck!


Great Blue Heron returns to Ferdon Pond.

Wood ducks are new for the pond.  So I was super-excited to check it out for myself when I’d head over there later this week.  (Last year there was also an immature Black-crowned Night Heron in the further downstream – I’ll need to be on the lookout!)

As we’re talking, turns out that we went to the same high school.  The coworker was in the same year as my sister.  Small world.


Wood duck tries out the role of ugly duckling with the Mallards.

Today when I stopped in, I found the Wood Duck – grabbed the camera out of the car and sprinted over there in case he decided after 2 days he had enough!

Then later as I was getting ready for work, I caught sight of the Great Blue Heron stopping in, but didn’t have time to go over to properly document the arrival.

4 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Hey! Wood Ducks are real jaw-droppers. Nice work!

    Once a local patch has been christened by a bird that high (very high) in the beautiful bird hierarchy…you know you’ve made it : )

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