New Visitors

Not too much birding this week with the snow, work and school, but there were two new visitors!  At the folk’s place where the only ducks I’ve ever seen are mallards and the domestic ducks that have cross-bred with the mallards, but I finally saw something new and different!  So exciting! Unfortunately, I was the only one in at the time to witness it.

Hooded Mergansers swim upstream in the creek next to the pond.

Hooded Mergansers swim upstream in the creek next to the pond.

Then yesterday at work, when I was supposed to be leaving for class, I was called into the office.  Truth be told, I was lured in by the sound of excited murmurs.   They happened at the same time.  Lo and behold the unidentifiable surprise visitor from yesterday afternoon returned.    Everyone was excited I was there to help solidify the identification.  Speculation was between a Northern Goshawk or a Rough-legged based on the field marks people picked up previously.  However, with my camera capturing the detail for better study, we settled on a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk.  [However, after receiving comments regarding the photo, it appears it’s actually a Cooper’s Hawk.] Still exciting!  Anyway, how awesome is it to wish to spend more time at work in order to see birds?


Red-shouldered Hawk  Cooper’s Hawk rests in a tree near sunset in Tenafly, NJ.

Also, finalized “thesis” defense committee, have people who actually want to attend, and submitted data (again!) So progress!

2 thoughts on “New Visitors

  1. HI Kathleen, how awesome to have this visitor right outside your office!

    I was thinking this might be a Cooper’s because of how long the tail is and where the wingtips reach to, in a Red-shouldered the wingtips would be closer to the tip of the tail.

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