Oh Deer!

Oh dear, distractions abound.  First there’s the kitten-cam which my sister sent me last week that has been running on my computer for the last 4 days. Be warned, it’s addictive. Then there’s the bird feeder, not to mention the paper I’m supposed to be writing for class.

One evening last week, I filled the feeder which I do regularly because it empties within two days.  So it was very much to my surprise when it was empty the next morning.  As far as I am aware, feeder birds and squirrels are diurnal.  So while things are occasionally squirrelly here, I can’t hold the squirrels responsible. However as I was diligently typing away on my paper, I caught sight of something moving the feeder.  Running to the window, I discovered a new suspect!


Three deer stopped in for a bit of a snack.  They were more off-put by my sudden appearance at the window than the thumping on the glass or Rumpelstiltskin behavior that followed.

Sis has taken to calling the feeder “the water cooler”.  I think it’s been christened.  Can’t wait to see who shows up next?  Raccoons?  Bears?  Oh my!

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